Becoming a Member of the New Wiccan Church, International

First, only initiates of a Tradition of British Traditional Wicca are eligible to join NWC. Eligible initiates must also be of good character and of legal majority where they live.

  1. Initiates wishing to join should first inquire among their fellow initiates seeking an NWC member willing to stand as Sponsor for their application to join the NWC.
  2. Initiates wishing to join NWC whose acquaintance includes no members of NWC, may e-mail the NWC at to request a Sponsor.
  3. Sponsor needs to know that Applicant is an initiate. If not known to Sponsor personally, Sponsor obtains a vouch for Applicant.
  4. Sponsor provides the Applicant NWC Bylaws, application materials, etc.
  5. Applicant fills out forms, pays the first year’s membership dues by check or PayPal (currently $20/Associate Member), Sponsor signs Applicant’s completed form, and mails (or scans and e-mails) all forms to NWC Membership Chair.
  6. Applicant info is posted by Sponsor in the NWC electronic forum for 30-day review period.
  7. Barring objection during 30-day period, Applicant is approved for membership, and is sworn at next possible NWC meeting.
  8. All new members join the NWC as Associate Members for their first year and a day. If elders in their own Tradition, members become Seated (voting) Members after one year of membership. Associate non-elder Members become Seated Members after three years and a day, unless active in NWC efforts, when they may be proposed and voted to Seated (voting) status sooner.

New Wiccan Church membership contributions are annually renewable and are due in October of each year, on or before the 31st. Membership dues paid within 30 days (November) of that date to maintain a member in good standing. New applicants for membership should make initial payment only when all application paperwork is complete.