Why Donate?

Contributions to the NWC may be made online using PayPal. Contributions are tax-deductible. The objective of the New Wiccan Church is to preserve and sustain the Craft. Two of the ways that NWC supports our objective is in connecting BTW with each other are described below.

PantheaCon hospitality suite

The New Wiccan Church has, for many years, been part of hosting a major hospitality suite at the internationally known and attended (~2,500 attendees) Pagan religious conference PantheaCon. In 2017, this suite was titled the Tree of Trads suite — planned, funded, hosted, staffed, and maintained by the four sponsoring groups and volunteers from each group:

In the past, events hosted in this Wiccan-centric hospitality suite have included receptions for, and presentations by, many internationally known Wiccan figures. NWC volunteers have often provided personal transportation between airports and the conference, private hospitality before and after, and mobility assistance and support assistance at the conference.

  • Morgana Sythove, author Witches in Holland
  • Julia Phillips, presenter/author History of Wicca Revised
  • Philip Heselton, author Witchfather: a Life of Gerald Gardner, and Doreen Valiente, Witch
  • Vivianne Crowley, author Wicca: a New Religion for a New Millennium
  • Margo Adler, author Drawing Down the Moon
  • Jason PitzlWaters, founding author The Wild Hunt

Pagan Pride Support

Regional Pagan Pride events are supported by members of the NWC, often sponsored by the NWC. In recent instances, the Puget Sound Pagan Pride event was sponsored at the bronze level two years running by the NWC.

Gerald Gardner Birthday Bash

(also known in the past as Geraldmas)

The NWC celebrates Gerald Gardner on the anniversary of his birth (June 13) or the closest date falling on a weekend day. For about ten years, these Geraldmas or “GGBB” events have been held annually in the greater Bay Area, providing information, picnicking, and a meeting place where people interested in BTW may meet and visit with initiates and elders, some of whom are coven leaders. In 2017, the first such event is being held in the Pacific Northwest.

Your Contribution Matters!

Foodstuffs for picnics, site fees for park locales, PantheaCon hotel suite costs, needed rental equipment … those are some of the expenses NWC incurs.

Hosting this web site, growing its content as NWC moves forward, those are a few of the efforts your donations, tiny or large, will support.

NWC is a public charity incorporated in the state of California, and recognized as tax-exempt by the USA Internal Revenue Service and the state of California. Tax Identification Number 46-4749941.