About the New Wiccan Church International

The New Wiccan Church is neither a tradition nor a coven, but is a professional and service organization by and for members of all branches of the Traditional Craft. The goals of the New Wiccan Church are the preservation, protection, and promotion of British Traditional Wicca.

To fulfill these goals the NWC provides assistance, resources, and opportunities for communication to its members, the Wiccan Community, and the general public.

More specifically, the NWC provides:

  • A public face and voice for Traditional Wicca, including websites and public presentations
  • A point of contact to provide information and expertise to law enforcement concerning Wicca and paganism.
  • A library of several thousands titles, of books, periodicals and other media relating to Wicca and related subjects
  • A Code of Ethics, based on the traditional teachings, for practical use. This document codifies agreed-upon standards of conduct for NWC members and provides a framework which the the NWC encourages for use by other Wicca, and pagans as applicable
  • A framework within which members may apply for assistance, monetary or otherwise, in pursuing special projects, promoting events and acquiring ritual spaces and other physical property for the promotion of the Traditional Craft
  • Certificates and other credentials to aid in Wiccans receiving their rights as legal members of the clergy
  • A framework for conflict resolution between members, their covens and their traditions. Non-members may also request such assistance from the NWC
  • A collection of materials by which coven leaders and other Wiccan Elders may reclaim religious writings that they are entitled to, but otherwise have been unable to obtain
  • A research service which studies and periodically publishes information relating to the history of Wicca.
  • A database of Wiccan initiates (voluntarily submitted) allowing members of Wicca to verify their status of their choice
  • Assistance, within our abilities, in efforts to prevent persecution or discrimination on the basis of religious belief and practice
  • Opportunities for members of the Wiccan community to make tax-deductible contributions to charities of interest to Wiccans