Known BTW Traditions Proper to the New Wiccan Church

For the benefit of initiates who wish to join the New Wiccan Church, a list of BTW traditions is given here which includes all those traditions whose initiates are or have been members of the NWC. Being an initiate of one of the listed traditions makes a person eligible to apply to join the New Wiccan Church. From time to time, it happens that a BTW Tradition initiate applies to join whose tradition was not previously on this list, and (after consideration) another tradition is recognized.

Because BTW traditional covens and initiates are as individual as the humans who comprise them, this list can never be guaranteed complete. Covens hive, offshoot lines and traditions develop, covens dissolve, and so on. In the past decade, the NWC has recognized two additional traditions, one that was essentially invisible to BTW in the USA for about 50 years.

Listed in alphabetical order for web-weaver’s sanity. Absolutely no preference is intended or implied.

Central Valley Wicca tradition

  • Daoine Coire tradition
  • Kingstone tradition
  • Majestic/Myjestic tradition
  • Order of the Silver Crescent

Gardnerian Wicca tradition


    • Andred/Silver Circle line
    • Bone/Whitecroft line
    • California line
    • Kentucky line
    • Long Island line
    • Sheffield line

Alexandrian Wicca tradition

NY Wica tradition

Horsa tradition

Mohsian tradition