Becoming a Member of the New Wiccan Church, International

First of all, prospective members should read our web site and decide if the benefits of New Wiccan Church membership might be valuable to them. The web site contains many articles and reviews discussing member benefits and NWC’s work on behalf of Wicca.

Membership in the NWC is available to only valid initiates of a recognizable tradition of British Traditional Wicca who are of good character and not be permanently banished by a proper authority. Members may must also of at least legal age of consent and be able to be bound by contract in the place where they reside.

Note: The NWC rarely accepts ex-felons as members and then only under exceptional circumstances. NWC never accepts those currently incarcerated. Please do not waste your time and ours.

Then, if possible, it is very valuable to get to know one of the current members and attend one of the many meetings or events that are open to visitors. Obviously, this may not be possible many of the Wicca, so the next best thing is to contact the NWC for more information concerning membership.