NWC History

The History of the New Wiccan Church

In 1973 members of the growing Sacramento Pagan community established the Neo-Celtic Church (NCC) as a voice in defense of the religious rights of the Pagan community. Members attempted to structure the NCC along the lines of previously successful organizations, such as the NAACP and the JDL, which had been created to promote and protect the rights of other ethnic and religious minorities.

In 1976, the NCC both changed its focus, becoming an exclusively British Traditional Wiccan organization, and broadened its purpose, to include encouraging a shared ethical standard for Wiccans, providing continuing education for those teaching the religion and creating a venue for resolving issues between traditions, covens and initiates.

To reflect these changes, the Neo-Celtic Church was renamed the New Wiccan Church, International. The word “New” in the title is meant to reflect that the NWC is a new type of Wiccan entity, structured as a confederation of initiates, rather than as a coven.