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In the name of Dryghtyn, the Ancient Providence,
which was from the beginning, and is for eternity,
male and female, the original source of all things;
all-knowing, all-pervading, all-powerful, changeless, eternal;
in the names of the Lady of the Moon
and the Lord of Death and Resurrection;

In the names of the Mighty Ones of the Four Quarters,
the Kings of the Elements;
in the names of the Mighty Dead,
blessed be this place and this time,
and they who are with us.
So mote it be.

The New Wiccan Church, International is a professional organization of Wiccan clergy. Membership is open to initiates of all branches of British Traditional Wicca. NWC provides services and information to members and other Wiccan initiates, and serves as a voice for the Traditional Wiccan community.

Established as a church in 1973, the NWC has a unique perspective and understanding of the BTW initiatory system. The NWC understands the hard work and dedication to The Craft your degrees represent.



Ministerial Credentials

The New Wiccan Church recognizes and respects Wiccan initiates status as Clergy by providing ministerial certificates to members and other qualified initiates--the tools needed to function outside the boundaries of a circle.

Members of the church also receive identification card (with photgraphs) to assist them in performing marriages, and visiting Wiccans who hospitalized or imprisoned.

Contacting the NWC

Contact us by email at

NWCoutreach AT

or by mail at:

N. W. C.
PO Box 192
Citrus Heights, CA 95611

Please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to ensure a reply.

is to preserve and sustain The Craft.

  1. By providing a communications and mutual aid network among British Traditional Wicca
  2. Creating avenues through which members may share teachings and other material, in a licit and honorable manner in accordance with each member's understanding of their oaths
  3. Provide opportunities for members to experience the different styles of practice that fall within British Traditional Wicca
  4. Encouraging the teaching of British Traditional Wicca and aiding Elders who teach
  5. Preserving and maintaining the heritage of our various traditions, and promoting study and research in all related fields
  6. Always encouraging mirth, reverence, joy and honor in the activities and observance of the members of the association.

Gerald Gardner Birthday Celebration 2015

The New Wiccan Church hosts Gerald's Birthday, A Family Celebration, on Saturday, June 13 from 10 am to 5 pm, in the Roberts Grove Picnic Area, Roberts Regional Recreation Area, 10570 Skyline Blvd, in the Oakland (CA) hills

There are BBQ pits, picnic tables and lovely woods. Come find out what British Traditional Wicca is all about! Open to members and nonmembers alike.

Visit Us At The Pub Moot

NWC is sponsors a Pagan Pub Moot on the second Thursday each month. We start in at 7pm at The Coffee Garden, 2904 Franklin Blvd, Sacramento, CA. The site offers coffee, tea and a light food menu, and quiet corners to connect and learn about the Sacramento Pagan community. Hope to see you there!

A Wiccan Statement of Ethics

Ever mindful that all Wicca are responsible for a common-sense application of Traditional Craft Law, the Wiccan Rede, and their oaths to the Craft, we offer the following Wiccan Statement of Ethics:

The Wicca are one family; all those properly initiated within the Circle and who follow the ways of the Wicca are our Brothers and Sisters.

The Wicca tell the truth among ourselves on matters dealing with what we have done in the name of our religion.

The Wicca honor our Oath and follow its tenets to the best of our own knowledge and understanding.

The Wicca do nothing to bring dishonor to the Craft in the eyes of non-Wicca, nor ever act in such a way as to bring the Craft to the unfavorable attention of the Law of the Land.

The Wicca never demand a test of belief from our Brothers and Sisters but rather judge their love of the Gods and the Craft by their actions.

The Wicca must exclude from our fellowship those who do wrong or cause undue discord, but we act with justice, fairness, and mercy towards those whose actions are misguided, not evil.

The Wicca ever strive to resolve our differences amicably and put them behind us. We do not allow minor differences in our understanding of the Craft divide us.

All Wicca are human and make mistakes, but let us not let the mistakes of our predecessors divide us forever.

The New Wiccan Church understands these to be the ethical standards of the Wicca, in accordance with Craft Law. Our members are sworn to uphold them.